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Top 10 Best Buffet In Singapore


There is no better way to treat yourself to the best meals than by way of a buffet. However, not all buffets are the best, they vary, and unless you are attending a reckoned one manage your expectations. The best buffet should be able to bring out the best experience and a good feeling. Looking for the best buffet in Singapore, therefore, it is very important for you to choose where you look for it from. If possible, look for the best buffet from the areas that are known to offer nothing short of that. If not, you might disappoint in the end something that you definitely want to see happen. 

10 Best Buffet in Singapore

best buffet in Singapore

There are so many types of buffets offered by the best hotel buffet in Singapore.  Some of these types might not be so good hence the need to be careful with those you choose.  Singapore is known for many things, many among them good. For instance, the kind of dishes prepared in this country is some of the best. 

Thus, if you are looking for the best buffet then Singapore might be the right place to head to. However, as there are so many types of buffets in Singapore, choosing the best among them is not easy. If you are not so careful you might pick those that are not exactly what you need. Read below for an idea of the best buffet in Singapore. 

1. The Line 

If you are looking for the best buffet in Singapore you need to have the Line on your shortlist. The line features a record 16 live kitchens which come with a wide variety of cuisines. The good thing about the line is that it offers everything for everyone. 

Depending on exactly what you need the line offers you an opportunity to get the very best of it. In fact, many people argue that being at the line is like being on a worldwide adventure of food. These among many other facts about the Line make it such a perfect choice for a Buffet in Singapore.  

2. Colony 

If you are looking for a next-level hotel buffet experience in Singapore this is the place for you. The restaurants in this area showcase the local as well as other international cuisines through their seven open kitchens.  They also have buffets coming in at each one of the meals of the day from breakfast, lunch to supper. 

3. Melt Café 

There are many places where you can have the best buffet in Singapore and this is just one of them. The joint boasts of a generous buffet that is spread across various cultural backgrounds. The good thing with the Melt Café is that they come with everything ranging from imported seafood to fresh pasta. 

Other than that, the Melt Café also comes with an outdoor BBQ whose purpose is to satisfy your cravings. If you are one of those people who love grilled and roasted cuisine then this is the best buffet for you. 


People love different dishes which are found in different places. If you are a lover of Italian food then you definitely will love Pete’s place. The buffet offered in this place is nothing like what you have seen and offers you an opportunity to taste different Italian flavors. 

The Pete’s is not just a location for the best buffet in Singapore but also the oldest in Singapore. The restaurant has been serving the best Italian food since its opening back in the year 1973. It is such a classic place for you to go to if you are craving the best buffet in Singapore. 


If you have an interest in anything Korean then this is the place you need to be heading to. From the location, you will be able to find the best Korean buffet from the best hotel buffet in Singapore. You do not need to be Korean to enjoy this buffet.  The buffet can as well be enjoyed by locals and other foreigners as well.  

Talk of excellence and this name comes right way up. Carousel has often been voted as the best buffet hotel in Singapore at AsiaOne People place for the 7th year running. It also doubles up as the only restaurant which is inducted into the awards hall of fame.  

You do not get accolades of this kind for anything, there has to be something.  Carousel offers the very best of dishes that are there to be offered in the best buffet in Singapore. Depending on your taste and flavor, you shall get all that in this place without a compromise. 

7. Oscar’s

If by chance you need the best local and international culinary this is the right spot for you. The good thing about them is that they are open 24/7 and have the best hotel buffet in Singapore.  This means that if you need any buffet then you are more likely to get that at any given time. 


If chilling out on Sunday is something you like then there is no better place for you to be than at MEZZA9. This is such a trendy 400-seater restaurant that features Western and Asian cuisines and also comes with show kitchens. This is such a fantastic place for anyone who would like to have a nice ending to their week.

9. The three peacocks 

For the lovers of seafood, you have a choice in this place, it is the best for you. The restaurant is such an authentic place where you can find the best barbecue with a cocktail bar. Other than the best meals, you also get the best relaxing ambiance in the same location. 

10. Suki- Ya 

Craving for the best and real Japanese buffet experience with Japanese cuisine, get to Suki- Ya. It is also the best place for you to come with your family members and have a good time. At the place, you get a good ambiance and a nice experience from the staff. 


If you are looking for the best buffet in Singapore, consider the options above.  They are the best leads to the best buffets in Singapore that you can enjoy at any given time. Depending on your preferences as a person, you definitely will get something that best suits you.

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