old airport road food center

Top 10 Best Food Stall At Old Airport Road Food Center


You can never rule out the old town when it comes to mouth-watering dishes.  The place comes with some of the best old airport road food centers that feature the best and excellent local cuisine.  If you are passing by then, it will be much wiser for you to stop by and grab a bite for yourself. 

The Best Food Stall At The Old Airport Road Food Center 

old airport road food center

Old airport road food center is known for the best food thanks to the food stalls in this area. However, realizing the best experience from these meals depends on your selection. Making the right selection when looking for the best stall at old airport road can make a huge difference.  

This is why you need to try and make a much better- and well-informed decision in this regard.  The article below, therefore, takes a look at the best old airport road food. Getting into any of these stalls will definitely offer you a meal worth the best experience. 

1. Roast Paradise 

People have different preferences when it comes to food.  For instance, if you are one of those people craving for char siew then you need to make a stop at Roast Paradise. The old airport road food center has so much to offer.  Despite the fact that Roast Paradise started as recently as 2016, the stall has managed to gain quite an impressive gathering. 

If you wish to have the best taste of the best-roasted gourmet pork which is cooked in drum then you know where to be.  In fact, this serving alone has been one of the main reasons why many people have found interest in the stall lately. 

2. Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee 

If you spotted a long queue of people queuing to have a meal then chances are you are going to join in. Well funny enough is that some people do this even without knowing the kind of food that is being served.  People do this mainly because they believe only the best food can attract longer ques and as such, they join in. 

The Xin Mei stalls offer so much in terms of meals but that is not their selling point.  Their selling point is the fact that they sell so fast compared to the others in the old airport road food center. This means no matter how long the queues might be, you can always get service within a short period of time.  

3. Homemade Springroll

If you are one of those people who prefer having something that is much lighter then this is the stall for you. Homemade Springroll offers some of the best and straightforward popiahs for you as the best snack at the old airport road.  The rolls of this serving might look so small but are so filling, so refreshing and so crunchy. Therefore, if you wish to try out something lighter and refreshing then this is the right dish for you. 

4. Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff 

It is not in doubt that there are cases where curry puffs might be somehow not appealing for a meal.  The fact they come in a curry paste which is sometimes dense means that some people tend not to love them. However, Wang Wang offers a different type of Curry puff.  The carry puff you get here at the old airport road hawker is perfectly balanced with the best different flavors. 

The crispy carry also comes with a creamy filling, something that makes it even more delicious.  If you are passing by the old airport road food center then this is also something that you can try out.  The delicacy that you will find in it will make you want to come back for more. 

5. Unkai Japanese Cuisine 

Who would say no to the best sashimi slices that come in at lower prices? Well, this is exactly what you get from Unkai Japanese cuisine. At this stall, you will be able to have a bite of some of the best sashimi slices which include oysters at very generous prices. 

You do not need to worry about how fresh the oysters are, they are very much fresh and sumptuous.  You can try them out on any day and that will turn out to be the greatest value for your money. The place is simply the best place at the old airport road food center.

6. Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee 

You can never claim to have visited the best stall at the old airport without passing by Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee. This stall offers the best dishes which include squid and eggs, the only one in the old airport road food center. In some cases, it might take you up to 45 minutes before getting your meal served. However, that time is nothing compared to the kind of meals you get at the end of the day. 

7. Toa Payoh Rojak

This is a very rare stall at the old airport which is very unique. The stall comes with a system que numbers. These numbers are aimed at making sure that all the incoming clients get their delicacies served well on time. If you are a client then you can enjoy some good spicy Rojak which comes with customization of certain ingredients. 

8. Albert Street Prawn Noodles 

You do not know what the best Whiteley noodles are if you have never been to Albert’s prawn Noodles.  The kind of white noodles you get from this stall is nothing like what you have ever seen.  They are the best noodles that can make you such a delicious meal from the old airport road food center

9. Rong Yi Local Handmade Pau 

You need some good handmade dim sum. This is the place you need to be. Rong Yi is not new, it has several outlets but that is not important. The most important thing is that Rong Yi offers the best meals that are served by the best and dedicated staff. 

10. Pasta Risotto

If you are looking for the best and beloved Italian food then this is the right stall for you.  The pasta offers some of the best genuine Italian dishes you will ever find anywhere at the old airport road food center.  If you love these dishes, pass by and grab something for yourself. 


If you are looking for the best food stalls at the old airport road food center then these are some of the options you need.  These are some of the best stalls at the old airport that you can get in and enjoy some good amazing dishes. 

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