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7 Best Spa In Singapore Which You Should Visit Once


We are living in a fast-paced world. To cope with the world, we are constantly working without breaks. This ends up having hectic schedules, tiredness, body aches, which will no longer be cured with simple ointments and pain relief patches. At times like these, wouldn’t it be best to sit and unwind all your pain suffering in one of the best spa in Singapore?

When it comes down to the best spas in Singapore, there are countless all over the island. However, the sheer diversity of their services can make it difficult to pick one for your comfortable small little vacation.

In that context, we have come here with a list of some of the best spas in Singapore. Our list encapsulates all kinds of spas. Hence, we can assure you will find the one that you need the most.

Best Spa In Singapore: Relax, Indulge & Enjoy

Singapore is one of the busiest places in the world. Bustling Singapore can be hectic at times and can be overwhelming with its dynamic environment. However, this bustling city has a solution for that. Singapore city is full of exotic spas.

There are some of the best spa in Singapore that offers windows of tranquility and peace of mind. Here are a few spas that are among the best with the best services.

1. Sofitel Spa

The spa is one of the best places to find yourself, and what could be the best place than nature itself to find your inner self. Sofitel spa understands this very well, which is why they have a spa section open to mother nature. 

The outdoor spa garden of Sofitel Spa has a beautiful swimming pool with cascading waterfall, a mineral-rich mud pool, and a meditative labyrinth. In addition to these, private ladies-only areas cater to some special facilities for the ladies.

Top Picks:

  • 105 minutes wellness treatment.
  • Sentosa Massage.
  • Magical-sounding Asian Cocoon Dream.

2. Ikeda Spa

Ikeda Spa personifies how Japanese people value understanding quality and pleasingness. As one of the first authentic Japanese Spa in Singapore, Ikeda Spa offers more than 3000sq ft of tranquility and serenity. 

You can immerse yourself in the traditional healing ritual of Ikeda with its authentic recreation of traditional Onsen experiences. The fact-fact is that the traditional Onsen of Ikeda is the only spa with real Wood exported from Japan.

Furthermore, you can also choose Onsen bath salt that has been imported from Onsen in Japan. This helps you further customize your bathing experience.

Top Picks:

  • Hinoki Onsen Bath.
  • Onsen-Style Deep Pool.

3. The Thai Spa

Who needs to travel all the way to Thailand to experience their Exotic Thai massages when you can enjoy and experience right in the center of Singapore. The Thai Spa is the best spa in Singapore with Thai massage services.

Apart from their specialty, Thai Massage, this place also offers hot stone therapy, Lomi Lomi massage, deep tissue, and four-hand massage. And if you are a lady worried about sharing the bath with other ladies, don’t be; every massage room comes with its own private bathhouses.

In fact, they even have Jacuzzi services that make the Thai Spa one of the best couple spas in Singapore.

Top Picks:

  • Thai Massage.
  • Lomi Lomi Massage.
  • Jacuzzi.

4. G. Spa

A 24 hours oasis of relaxation, that’s what G.Spa is mostly known for. combines the old and new spa techniques to give you an environment to let loose for a holistic and rich experience.

In the G.Spa, all the spa packages come with hot and cold pools, sauna facilities, and steam rooms. And when you feel out of energy using all the facilities available to you fuel up by the unlimited services from the cafe.

The G.Spa mostly focuses on bringing back the natural flow of your energy. In addition to that, they also offer interesting packages in the form of Hen’s night out.

Top Picks:

  • Steam Room.
  • Sauna facilities.
  • Body Wraps.

5. Nimble Knead

The first thing you will notice about this spa is that the whole spa is in a shipping container. You heard me right. The appearance of this spa gives you a carefree vibe that starts affecting you positively from the moment you step into the spa.

Nimble Knead is a place where you can get any message from all around. It gives your message preferences like any other Spa on the list and makes it the best spa in Singapore when it comes down to Massages.

Top Picks:

6. Four Seasons Spa

Is it a spa or a luxurious resort? The Four Season Spa will make you ask this question on your first visit. The Four Season Spa looks more like a luxurious resort for tourists than a Spa. It has some of the best line Spa services that make the customers feel at ease.

Its spa packages include exclusive scrubs and massage therapy inspired by Singapore’s national flower, Orchid.

Top Picks:

7. Spa Esprit

Spa Esprit is known for its original Spa treatment. Visiting Esprit offers a new perspective over the Spa experience you have ever had before. Spa treatments like Classic Scrub A Dub, Triple Algae-rithm, and super vibrator are some of the key highlights of Spa Esprit. Perhaps, they need to start working on the treatment names.

What’s more, they also sell body products. So if you can find something for yourself, you can take home your own personal blend of body products.

Top Picks:

  • Body Massage.
  • Super Vibrator.
  • Triple Algae-rithm.


That is for this article. We hope that you like the places we have mentioned in this article. If you have any suggestions that you feel can be considered the best spa in Singapore, do let us know in the comment section. In addition to that, we will be glad to have your experience attached to it.

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