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Top 10 Best Steak In Singapore In 2021


When it comes to the best steak in Singapore it is all about getting full value for your money. It is about you getting the best there is for the money that you pay very important. Thus, if you are looking for any steak in Singapore then make sure you look for the best.  If you need the best steak therefore then here are some noble ideas about the same. 

10 Best Steak In Singapore

best steak in Singapore

Here are some of the best steaks in Singapore. If you are looking for the best then you will be fantastic with any of these options. They are some of the best Steaks you can ever find anywhere and you definitely need to try them out. 

1. Wow West Genuine

This is one place where you can find huge portions of steak when you need any. This is a leading stake joint that offers the best steak to its fans. If you prefer a huge deal of generosity then this is the place you need to be. If you intend to move away from mediocre steak then this is the place you would rather be.

2. Uno Beef House 

This is one of the best places where you can treat your friends and family. Having been in existence for more than 30 years, the steak house continues to excel. It is such a fantastic establishment that has continued to make people realize value for their money. 

Get into this establishment any day and get the best steak in Singapore of your lifetime. As said above, if you have a family then you can also bring them with you. Given that the steak house does things in the old school way means that it offers a taste of culture.

3. iSteaks

Many people consider the best steak in Singapore to be so expensive but that is not the case. There are cases where you can find very affordable steak which is just as good. For instance, if you visit iSteaks then you will get some good steak that does not cost much. 

What started off as just a humble steak house, iSteaks has since moved to be a reputable steak house. The steak house has continued to deconstruct the myth that it is not possible to deliver the best cheaply. This is why they offer the best steak at very minimal prices manageable by many people. 

4. Huber’s Butchery & Bistro 

If you really have the best steak then this is also another one of the places you need to consider. The places have so many offers in this regard which include flat iron steak and many others. This best steak in Singapore is served together with French fries and goes for about $19. 

If there is also a steak that you love that is different from this one you can order that as well. The joint is committed to making sure that whatever you need as a client you get it. Whether you are a family or even alone this is such a good place to be. 

5. Steakville Steakhouses In Singapore 

Call it another hidden treasure, the steak house comes with the best menu you will ever find anywhere. The menu is very simple but the best also. If you are a great lover of steak then chances are you are going to get it here. The steak houses offer all kinds of steak that keep their clients salivating even for more. 

6. Meet For Meat 

The steak in this region is helmed by ex-chefs from some of the best steakhouses in Singapore. The main aim of the steak house is to make sure they offer the best steak in terms of quality. Get to this place at any given time and you shall surely get exactly what you need. 

The other good thing about the steak in this place is that it comes at very affordable prices. This means that the steak house offers you an opportunity to get the best steak in Singapore at affordable prices. Get here on any given day and get the best steak of your life at affordable prices. 

7. Fat Belly Steakhouses Singapore 

If you come from Singapore then chances are you have heard about the Speakeasy bar. However, that in itself does not mean that you have heard about Speakeasy steak house. Just in case you do not know, this is a hidden gem located at the Serene Center. 

The Fat Belly steaks might not be as big. However, there is a benefit to it as they come in many different appealing flavors. These steaks are cooked perfectly to allow you the very best of experience from them when you need it most. 

8. The RANCH Steakhouses 

If you wish to have a steak dinner in Singapore then this is the place for you to go to. The Ranch offers the best steak you will ever find anywhere in Singapore. Even though the steak house does not offer the very cheapest of steak, they have the best. 

9. L’Entrecote The Steak & Fries Bistro 

If you still have not heard about L’Entrecote then chances are you have not really thought about a serious dinner. Unlike the typical American steak houses, L’Entrecote has some of the best and classic steak frites to offer. These dishes and bites are perhaps the best reminiscent of the Parisian bistro culture through the best steak in Singapore

10. Lolla

The good thing about Lolla is that they allow you to call ahead and make reservation seats. Here, you get the best meal which offers you the best feeling ever. The best steak that you can enjoy here is a Picanha steak which goes for $ 52. 

If you wish to treat yourself to the best dinner then this is the place you need to be. Once you get here, you definitely get the best feeling enjoying the best steak you will ever have anywhere. Even though the steak might cost a bit high it is worth every paid for it. 


If you need the best steak in Singapore then listed above are the places you need to head to. From these places, you will get the best steak that will see you realize full value for your money. 

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