Hong lim food center

7 Famous Stall At Hong Lim Food Center


There are many food centers in Lim but very few of them make a place for perfect meals.  Thus, if you are looking for any, it is very important for you to be selective with the spot you choose. Choose the right place where you can spend your money and get full value for it. 

Famous Stall At Hong Lim Food Center

Hong lim food center

The famous stalls do not just become famous for nothing, there has to be something. Many of them are known to offer the best dishes one can enjoy at hong lim food center. When you drop by such places then you have a guarantee of nothing short of the best dishes.  

In Hong Lim, there are many food centers that offer the best meals.  However, not all of them are as good, some of them are far off when it comes to offering the best meals.  This is why you need to choose some of these stalls wisely at the hong lim market & food center. This article talks about some of the famous stalls at Hong Lim food center in the year 2021. 

1. Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist 

If you like being part of a lunch crowd then this is something you need to be considering.  The Wanton noodle specialist is known to serve the best delicious delicacies at very affordable prices. Thanks to their excellent services together with their delicacies the stall has grown over the years. 

Prices at the stall begin right from $3 with the bigger portion coming in at $5.  No matter how much you are willing to spend, this is one place where you will always realize full value for your money.  If you value quality that comes at affordable prices then you can consider visiting the ji ji at the hong lim complex

2. Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa 

Talk of excellence and this is also another one of the places that come up at hong lim food center. The stall has consistently had the Michelin Bib Gourmand for the 5th year running. The stall offers a signature, Asia Delight Laksa which is offered at $5/$ 9 with a crayfish. 

The most iconic and also appealing thing about the renowned Asia delight Laksa is the fact that it is a broth. The broth has been proven to be much less cloying and milder compared to Katong Laksa style. The Katong features more lemak filled gravy which makes it one of the best at hong lim park.

Even with little addition of coconut milk, the broth has kept its rich as well as creamy nature.  No matter who you are, chances are you are going to find this dish one not to resist.  In fact, the dish is so addictive meaning you might have to finish up to the last bit. 

3. Heng Kee Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee

It does not matter whether Heng kee is embroiled in a rivalry with another kitchen, they have continued to excel. The excellence in service delivery and the delivery of the best meals, as well as heng kee, is exceptional.  It is such a good place for you to be, especially if you are looking for something special.   

The prices at Heng Kee begin from $ 5. 50 a bowl but is worth every penny paid for it. If you order a chicken curry mee then it is going to come with a heap of ingredients. If you try out this dish then you are going to find it more satisfying than anything that you have ever had. 

4. uck kee Sar Hor fun 

Get this, for the last 40 years, the tuck kee has a history of experiencing long queues from clients. In fact, if you are at hong lim food center then it might not be hard for you to spot the Tuck kee. The long queues experienced at this joint have so much to do with the food offered here. 

If you are looking for some of the best delectable or fun coming at very affordable prices then this is the place for you to be.  Dishes at this joint begin from $ 6 but if you wish to have a taste of the crayfish at Tuck kee then you will have to pay $10. 

5. Granny’s Pancake 

The good thing about Granny’s pancakes is that they open indefinitely. The other good thing is that they offer their meals at very affordable prices at hong lim food center. These among many other reasons have led to Granny earning some loyal clients and customers over time. 

If you love pancakes and are looking forward to the best taste of them then this is a place you need to visit. The flavors and the manner in which the pancake is served will blow you away. The fact that they even come at affordable prices means that they are something worth trying out. 

6. Tai Wah pork Noodle 

The long queues experienced at Tai Wah are not for nothing, they are because of the high-quality dishes served at the place. If you have a craving for some good noodles then this is the place you need to consider visiting. The good thing with Tai Wah is that they always make you realize great value for any money you pay them. 

7. Ma Bo Lor Mee 

Serving the tastiest and most affordable Lor mee to the masses has been one of the greatest attributes of Ma Bo Lor Mee. This tasty delicacy in itself does not need to be that expensive, the smallest portion goes for $2. 50. Depending on who you are, this is something that you can pretty much manage given the low cost. 


Listed above are some of the famous stalls at Hong Lim food center.  The stalls as they appear offer the best meals for locals and even travelers. Many of them do not also offer their dishes at high prices, something that makes this place so ideal. 

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