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Top 10 Food Restaurant At Dhoby Ghaut Food Center


There are many restaurants offering food at dhoby ghaut. However, telling which ones of these restaurants are the best and which ones are not is not easy.  In fact, this task in itself is normally so challenging to so many people.  Those that have not been so careful have found themselves in the wrong restaurant. 

Best Food Restaurants at Dhoby Ghaut Food Center 

If you need the best food then you have to look for it from the best restaurant.  This is still the case even when you are at the dhoby ghaut food center.  The fact that there are many restaurants at this place does not mean that any restaurant is the best not.  

There are some that are not good at all which is why you need to be careful with your restaurant selection.  For a foreigner, finding the best restaurant at dhoby ghaut might be somehow a difficult task.  This is why you need to look for help in doing so which is exactly what this discussion is all about. The discussion takes a look at some of the best food restaurants in the dhoby ghaut food center. 

1. Five guys 

One of the best restaurants you will ever find at dhoby ghaut food center. The restaurants specialize in the delivery of the best heavy food. It is the ideal place for you to head to if you are so hungry and you need something a bit heavy.  

The most important thing to note about the food at this restaurant is its delicacy. Thus, if you are looking for something much better and delicious to fill your stomach with then this is the right place for you. Some of the meals served at this joint include a good burger together with fries together with shakers. 

2. KFC 

No one really does not have friends; all the people do.  Treating your friends to some good and amazing meals is something that is definitely worth trying out.  However, finding the right spot for this purpose might be somehow challenging.  

You definitely need to give your friends the best treat and the key to this is finding the right spot for this purpose.  This is why you need to come to KFC.  KFC is without a doubt one of the best places for a dhoby ghaut food. The restaurant offers the best environment where you can have a good time with your friends. 

3. 85 Redhill 

Having a local dhoby ghaut food is without any doubt something that is worth trying out.  85 Redhill is without any doubt the best place you need to be if you need to enjoy some local food. The local food offered here is so delicious that you will have to come back for more. 

4. MOS Burger 

A combination of dinner and leisure is without any doubt something that is worth looking forward to. However, finding the right place where you can have these two sometimes is not easy.  With so many restaurants offering good food at dhoby ghaut you can never tell which one of them is the best.  

Well, if you do not mind any quick bites at fast food then MOS Burger is the right spot for you.  The spot might not be known for the best and excellent services but it is definitely a place where you can have the best leisure time. 

5. Burger King 

If you are looking for a place of repute known for the delivery of the best food then Burger King should be the place. It is a place that you can get into if you need some good well-served dinner containing both local and international dishes.  

Burger King is well aware of the demands of clients and has always committed itself to offer the best dishes.  They also offer a variety of dishes to make sure that anyone with different dishes preferences gets whatever they need. 

6. Riverside Indonesian BBQ @ Plaza Singapore 

Riverside Indonesian is known for its top-of-the-line BBQ. It is also the best place for people looking to have the best lunch and dinner.  The fact that many people find the meals at this restaurant says so much about its delicacy.  If you wish to try out something different then you have an idea of where to go. 

7. Pepper lunch Express 

There is nothing that is disgusting as having to wait for long before having your meal delivered to you in a restaurant.  This has been the case in so many cases especially when it comes to dhoby ghaut food and other restaurants in these areas.

However, this is not the case with Pepper lunch express where the ordered food comes in within a short period. Therefore, if you are in a hurry then this is exactly the place you need to be getting the best dishes well on time. 

8. Pasta Mania 

Italian dishes are known to be the best across the entire world.  However, finding the right place where you can enjoy some of these meals can sometimes be so challenging. Luckily for you, PastaMania is one of the best Italian dhoby ghaut food centers. If this is the meal you need then dash into this place and you will be sorted. 

9. Soi 55 

The Thai milk is known to be so delicious and also very refreshing. Soi 55 offers so many meals and dishes, among them the best Thai milk. You can pass by and have a taste of the best dishes at this joint together with a taste of Thai Milk as well. 

10. Ooh Plaza 

For lovers of Chinese food, this is the right place for you to be. The joint offers the best Chinese dishes known to attract interest from all the people.  Depending on your Chinese food fantasies this is one place you need to visit right away. 


If you are looking for food at dhoby ghaut then listed above are some of the best places you need to visit.  Depending on what exactly your preferences are, you are assured of finding exactly what you need from any of these locations. 

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