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Top 10 Tampines Food Places In Singapore


This is quite frankly, if you have to spend some money on any meal then make sure you are getting the best. Tampines is known to have the best Tampines food places where one can enjoy the best meals. However, not all the places in this city are the best, some of them are not.  Thus, when looking for the best food places in Singapore then you need to be careful with where you go. 

Top Tampines food places

There are so many food places in Tampines.  However, not all these places are good for such a good meal joint, some of them are not. Thus, when looking for any such joint in Tampines, it is very important for you to consider the best options.  This is exactly what this article is all about, it talks about the best Tampines food places in Singapore.  

1. I’m Thai Kitchen 

One thing about Tampines is that it offers everything for everyone. For instance, if you love authentic Thai food then the Thai Kitchen has you covered with Tampines hub food. The restaurant offers the best Thai food you can ever find anywhere at very much affordable prices.

The restaurant is run by none other than a Thai owner. This means that any meal that is offered in the restaurant is of the highest quality and standards possible.  The good thing about the restaurant is that the kind of dishes offered here is authentic. 

2. 456 Mian Fen Guo 

Looking for the best warm bowl of noodles that is comforting? If so, make a point of getting to Fen Guo. This is such a good place to be at especially when it is raining where you get to enjoy the best Tampines food. The comfort offered by the noodles served in this region is so comforting and worth trying out. 

Other than the noodles you can also get to enjoy some good minced meat in this place as well. This meat is cooked in such a way that it comes out so delicious in the end. In short, there is so much to be enjoyed by you at the Fen Guo. 

3. Three’s A Crowd 

Even though this café credits its finding to an accident, it has since grown to something much bigger and better. It offers the best ice cream as well as waffle places. The location of the restaurant is on the west MRT, something that makes it easily accessible. 

For the lovers of Pandan, waffles come with a nice golden-brown crust.  The golden crust comes in handy in helping reveal the identity of the bright shade located inside. Many people who have had a taste of this delicacy all agree it is the best Tampines food. 

4. L32 Handmade Noodles 

Food courts are known to be so expensive the world over and this is because of some reasons. One of these reasons is that you get to enjoy the food at the air conditioning comfort. However, there are some people who end up sacrificing this quality for food especially when looking for Tampines food.

However, this is not the case with L32 Handmade Noodles.  The noodles offered at this place have always retained their quality and flavor. This is even evident in the manner in which people queue up to get these meals.  If you prefer getting the exact value for your money then this is something you need to be trying out. 

5. Beef Bros 

This is without any doubt a household name in Tampines when it comes to beef. The Beed Bros are without any doubt the Kingpins of flame torched meats in Tampines. Even though there have been some issues around their place, their beef remains the best and tastiest. 

With the addition of the Mentaiko sauce, this beef is without any doubt the best Tampines mall food. This is definitely something that you cannot say no to, it is the best. You can pass by and grab a bite of this beef and you definitely enjoy it a lot. 

6. Lawa Bintang 

Get this right, it might not be so easy to access Lawa Bintang for the best Tampines food.  However, finding a joint that serves an even much better delicacy might be somehow challenging. Lawa is and remains one of those places in Tampines that serves absolute deliciousness. 

The good thing about Lawa is that they serve a wide variety of ingredients. Most of these ingredients are imported from Malaysia on a daily basis. Even though it might not be so easy to access the place, it is worth trying out their dishes. 

7. The social outcast 

This is a Muslim-owned establishment that seeks to change the perception of Halal burgers. The intention of the establishment is to change the perception that Halal Burgers must resemble Ramly burgers. These efforts have surely paid off as the social outcast has been able over time to produce some of the best burgers. 

8. Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee

 Everybody loves a variety of noodle dishes, no doubt about that.  However, finding a place where you can get a variety of them is sometimes a challenge.  Fortunately for you, there is a place in Tampines and that is at Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee. This is where you get the Tampines food and more specifically the best noodle dishes in variety. 

9. Song Han Carrot Cake 

No one really says no to a carrot cake. Well, there are many carrot cake stalls in Singapore but very few of them come close to Song Han Carrot Cake. There are more than a dozen dishes that you can choose from at Han which include carrot cakes. 

10. Ho Yun Tim Sum 

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the best Tampines food at lower prices then get here. Everything here is done meticulously and yet offered at very low prices.  This is where you need to be if you need the best meal on a low budget.


If you are looking for the best Tampines food places then read the text above.  It contains the best joints in Tampines that offer the best place where you can get the best meals in Singapore. You can choose any of them depending on your preferences and budget. 

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