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Thai Food Singapore: Top 8 Best Restaurants In Singapore To Try Thai Food


Thai dishes have always been really popular among food lovers. The best restaurants that serve Thai food Singapore allow you to taste the fascinating culture of Thailand right on the island. But in case you need guidance, we are here for you. 

When you are in Singapore, you simply can not miss the delicious foods that this amazing place has to offer you. You can start your day with mouth-watering preparations and end with the same, but it will obviously have a different name. 

Best Thai Food Singapore Restaurants

Here, I will guide you with the top class best restaurants of Singapore that will blow your mind with their list of tasty Thai food Singapore. So, start noting down the names so that you can explore them during your next vacation. 

1. Koh Nangkam

Try some home-style feast at this amazing halal eating spot, which is ready to serve you mainly Southern Thai foods. When you are at Koh Nangkam, you will have no complaints with the portion as they offer a generation portion which is pretty sufficient. 

You should try their well-executed basil chicken with rice and clear tom yum soup. Do not get too full when you have your dinner here. Always save a little space for their specialty, which is steamed fish with ginger. This will make an ultimate dinner treat. 

2. Sawadee Cuisine

At Sawadee Cuisine, you will find the old charge of Thailand. This restaurant has been serving Singapore for a really long time. The woody interior, enriched with wall arts, inscriptions, and ornaments, will offer you the experience of ancient Thailand. 

On the ceiling, the royal golden drapes will add more charm to your dinner. This place is perfect for the one who wants some classics but with a little twist, like Mao Shan Wang durian sticky rice, black Angus beef ribeye pan-seared in green curry, and grilled Kurobuta pork collar. 

3. Time for Thai

Well, the name itself is telling you that you will get some authentic Thai food Singapore here. This halal-certified restaurant is located at Bukit Timah. The menu has usual familiar classic names, such as stir fry basil chicken, beef tendon soup, and think Phad Thai. 

What? You are not a classic lover! No worries, you will also get some unique options as well. The list of uniques has pandan-infused custard, doughty sticks dipped in creamy, dough fritters with sangkaya, and some more heavens on earth. 

4. Korat Thai Cafe

If you can ignore the seedy location of Orchard Towers, Korat Thai cafe is one of the best Thai food Singapore joints there. If you are craving some punchy flavors, go with the dishes like stir-fry cashew nuts with prawns, clear tom yum soup, and basil chicken. 

Are you the person who does not care about calories when it comes to tasting delicious new dishes? Then here is another must-tried delicious suggestion for you, a super oily deep-fried omelet. This foody beauty is super crispy around the ages and totally fluffy on the inside. 

5. Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant

Sabai Fine Thai food Singapore restaurant runs with a philosophy that only the best ingredients are capable of invoking a real Thai culinary experience. And you will be able to witness this on each dish that this place offers. 

You can start your dining experience by ordering pat gaprao moo. The preparation of spicy pork with peppercorns and holy basil leaves will soothe your taste bud without any doubt. If you are thinking about having some dessert, try Kao niew durian Nahm gati. 

6. A-Roy Thai

This restaurant was previously situated at Funan Mall, but now it has shifted to Velocity@Novena. This place is well known for its Thai food Singapore servings. When you are in the mood for some fiery chili, you should definitely try green beef curry.

This will provoke your tastebuds, and for some pleasant dessert after having the fire, you can try their dessert of mango with sticky rice, named morning glory stir-fry. It will soothe your craving for something sweet. 

7. Blue Jasmine

Are you craving those classics and street food staples? Head to Blue Jasmine, where you will get communal plates of That food Singapore with fresh flavors. The list of their signature food includes cha om fried egg and phad kee mao seafood. 

The pad Thai set comes with fried spring roll, cha om fried egg, Thai fish cake, prawns, and a scoop of sticky mango rice. For a kicking dish, you can go for sticky mango rice that has fried prawn spring roll, butterfly pea flower rice, and fresh veggies. They also have a vegan menu like the basil krapao set. 

8. Took Lae Dee

In Singapore, when you are searching for some places to get original Thai food Singapore at a pocket-friendly price, you have Took Lae Dee. Pad kra pow is the star of this place, which is a preparation of minced pork or minced chicken that is rolled with aromatic Thai holy basil leaves. 

They have other classic options on their menu as well. Sweet pad Thai is a recommendation from our end that is served with chili flakes on the side in order to kick the spice level. Their papaya salad is perfect for starting with a mouth-watering, feisty dish. 

Some Other Names For You

I have mentioned the top 8 Thai food Singapore restaurants with their star dishes. But when you are in Singapore, having a list of only 8 restaurants is obviously not fair. So, here are some more names for you. 

  • First Thai.
  • Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle.
  • Jai Thai.
  • New Udon Thai Food.
  • Tamarind Hill.
  • Nakhon Kitchen.
  • Diandin Leluk.
  • Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen.


So, now you know where you need to go when you are craving some authentic Thai food in Singapore. All these places have made their name enough to attract food lovers from across the place. Enjoy the flavors of life with delicious meals that will boost up your mood immediately with the very first bite. So, plan for your next visit. 

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