Ubud Bali Travel Guide

Ubud Bali Travel Guide: 6 Ultimate Must-Do Activities


With its breathtaking beaches, lively culture, and lush surroundings, Bali has mesmerized tourists from around the country for decades. Thus, for any Singaporean who is looking for adventure, relaxation, or just some sun and fun, this place is definitely a must-visit. After all, Indonesia is only a 2-hours flight away from Singapore! Check out this Bali Travel Guide for more.

Bali has around four million residents on its island, and most of them are hospitable and welcoming. This idyllic island is tucked away between the stunning islands of Java and Lombok. English is extensively spoken here, thus, you don’t have to worry if you don’t speak Indonesian, as the majority of the residents can communicate in English.

With its tropical climate, Bali is the perfect place to lounge on the beach and soak up the sun. But it is worth knowing that Bali is more than a sandy white beach. It also has wonderful greenery, rich in lush paddy fields, rainforests, and more. Ubud is also one of the most famous neighborhoods in Bali, thanks to Julia Roberts’s Hollywood movie Eat, Pray, Love. If you want to pursue calm and clarity during your next holiday in Bali, it will be great if you can stay in Ubud for a couple of days.

Below, we have created the best must-do activity in Ubud, Bali, so you can discover the Island of the Gods much more easily!

Visit The Rice Terraces At Tegalalang

The most well-known rice fields in Asia and perhaps the most well-liked activity to do in Ubud is probably visiting the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. That’s the next topic of discussion in this Bali Travel Guide. 

Situated in the heart of the mesmerizing island, the Rice Terraces at Tegalalang can be reached from the center of the town in just over 20 minutes by car. Though you might have to wake up early, seeing the sunrise over the verdant fields and trees is a breathtaking way to start any day spent touring Ubud.

It can be enchanting to see the sun’s natural rays peeking across the palm trees and reflecting off the paddies. Thus, you definitely should not miss this activity when visiting Ubud.

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Explore Monkey Forest

You will be fascinated for hours by Ubud Monkey Forest! Moreover, it is a fantastic location to experience Bali’s authentic culture and environment.

You might be worried about the possibility of the monkey attacking or stealing from you. But worry not because most of the monkeys are tame. They have spent their entire lives surrounded by people, which is why they are accustomed to the daily stream of people coming and going.

Go To The Waterfalls

The greatest waterfalls in Bali are mostly located close to Ubud. They can be pure bliss if you can swim in them on a scorching day. Enjoy a refreshing swim, take some pictures, then have a great time with your buddies.

Tegenungan Waterfall is the most well-known waterfall in mid-eastern Bali due to its very family-friendly and social place. A section of the place allows you to take pictures, with the waterfall serving as the background.

Hike The Mount Batur

It is true that Mount Batur is not located anywhere in Ubud, but you can still book accommodation around Ubud for the Sunrise Trekking at the peak. It is very convenient for those who want an early-morning pickup so you won’t be late to see the sunrise.

There are lots of travel accommodations that offer this service, you can find it around the city and choose which one is best suited for you. Check out more in this Bali Travel Guide. 

Shop At The Art Market in Ubud

Right in the center of the town of Ubud lies the art market, which is another remarkable view to attend in this location. There are handmade woven tote bags, mesmerizing silk scarves, and other hand-crafted items found here. 

The market is even more distinctive because the products are made close by in the adjacent communities. The best-handcrafted goods in Bali can be easily found in Ubud, which is known as the creative center of this strategic island.

Join A Cooking Class

Joining a cooking class is also one of the most popular activities a tourist can do in Ubud. Instead of only delighting yourself in the local food from the nearest restaurant, why don’t you try to join a cooking class and learn how to make the food, too? This will be a superb and exciting activity, perfect for anyone who loves to eat and cook unique dishes!

Here are some of the best must-do activities and places to visit in Ubud, Bali. Do remember, before deciding to go on holiday, a thorough pre-holiday preparation is necessary to ensure everything goes perfectly. One of the ultimate things you often forget is tidying your home before the holiday. You might have finished all of the work responsibilities, packing your luggage nicely, but amid a hectic day, you might forget to clean up your house.

You definitely do not want to come back to a dusty and smelly house after your wonderful holiday. Thus, cleaning up before your departure date is a must! If you’re not enthusiastic about spending all of your holiday time cleaning the entire house, you can choose to focus on a simple task and leave the more advanced cleaning, such as carpet cleaning services Singapore, to a professional and reliable team of cleaners.

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